Our Services

Home Renovation

Brownarch Builders specializes in dealing with residential and commercial renovations and construction tasks.Team of professional contractors and interior designers are working dedicatedly on all projects.We are offering our customers well defined and managed construction and renovation services. Our team ensures that the renovation solutions delivered are economical as well as perfectly match up to the demands and tastes of the customers. The structures offered by us are equipped with all the modern day facilities using present technology and ensures complete satisfaction. We offer the services at market leading prices using high graded raw materials from trusted origin.If you are considering a renovation to your home, we hope you will consider Spacious Infra.

Plan & Estimate

Building your dream homes is our passion is our passion with free consultation We are providing cost effective/ budgeted services such as house construction/ construction of home, floor plans, design of homes, home plans, houses design, home improvement remodeling etc... Contact us when you plan for building a home in Kerala. We undertake site evaluation, home plan designing based on VASTHU, design the elevation of house.


Vastu is an age old practise of following certain rules to develop and maintain buildings that promises to harness the natural positive energies surrounding us. This age old practice of Indian civilization delivers wonderful results and makes the life of its practitioners successful, prosperous and peaceful.Architecture and Vastu is a concept that brings together thousands of years of knowledge and experience. This has been known to bring luck and success to a lot of people and this certainly will bring luck and success to you.The house is a mini universe and it must be a representation of the universe in order to make sure that you are living in a positive environment. A Vastu house will certainly be able to bring you a lot of luck and cosmic energy..

3D Modelling

With a clear design it is easier for the construction engineers to complete the project at low costs and as per the plan.An experienced staff is ready to help you build the home of your dreams.

Landscape Design & Exicution

Make your garden lively and lovely,we are the leading landscape designers ,paving and natural stone suppliers.Our multi-faceted team of landscape architects and designers, experienced and skilled craftsmen provide every design-build job with professional project coordination and planning. As each of our clients has different needs all of our designs are customized to satisfy each customer in a unique way. can help by providing you the highest quality of service in the industry.

Building construction and supervision

The skillful supervision of a building repair project requires vast knowledge:knowledge of building parts and systems,of building practices and methods in different areas as well as of the usability of current building practices and methods.Furthermore,being aware of prices and cost levels and broad social skills are prerequisites for successful project management.

Material Supply Unit

W are the construction meterial manufactures and suppliers .We conduct a thorough site survey where the construction site is inspected to measure and determine the number of construction material required. The site survey also estimates how long it will take for the project to reach completion.Every customer has a different taste and every space has a different requirement. But the one common factor is that every space requires sturdy, durable, aesthetic designs. Our factory is fitted with the most modern machinery, using the latest technology and operated by a team of skilled people. There is a continuous work chain that is closely monitored and supervised for quality and perfection.